About Us and Our Tennis Coaches

ProsToYou is the Mid-Atlantic's all-in-one racquet sports provider, serving communities with the highest quality programming, management support, and court maintenance services. Our tennis coaches, holding the highest certifications in their field, possess decades of experience teaching players of all levels, while our leadership team has a proven track record of success in all facets of the racquet sports industry. For each of our partners, PTY is committed to providing tailored programs that support each student to achieve their very best while staying active and healthy for a lifetime.

Photo of Marco Impeduglia, executive director of ProsToYou tennis coaches. A young man in a blue polo shirt, smiling at the camera.
Marco Impeduglia, Founder & Executive Director

Our Story

Our tennis coaching mission is to promote tennis as a lifestyle by developing an inclusive environment for players of all ages. Whether it be a child taking their first steps on the court, or an adult getting back into the swing of things, ProsToYou Tennis coaching cultivates a community for all age groups and skill levels!

ProsToYou Tennis coaches offer innovative tennis programs curated for kids and for adults. From group classes and private tennis instruction to tennis camps and birthday parties, we are committed to improving kids’ skills, confidence, and social fluency - both on and off the court!  Our adult tennis programs are derived from the same vision of introducing the game we love in a fun and stress-free environment, through recreational social events, tennis fitness programs, and classes to refine your game.

With a community built on education and empowerment, players are given the foundation to fall in love with the game and play with a whole lot of heart.

Meet Our Team


Carlo Impeduglia

Co-founder & Director of Business Development


Jack Schore

Advisor & Senior Director of Tennis

Nim Mohan - (PTY)

Nim Mohan

Program Director

Ed Tripp - (PTY)

Ed Tripp

Maryland Regional Director of Tennis

Zach Pine - (PTY)

Zack Pine

Director of Chesterbrook Tennis

Matthew DaRosso - (PTY)

Matt DaRosso

Head Tennis Coach

Angela Davis - (PTY)

Angela Davis

Dir. of Operations, Player Experience & Tennis Coach


Steve Gershman

Tennis Coach


Mike Nicholson

Tennis Coach


Shelley DeLon

Assistant Tennis Professional

John Leary - (PTY)

John Leary

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