Frequently Asked Questions


ProsToYou Tennis reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment. Cancellation decisions may be made up to the first week of classes. When possible, ProsToYou Tennis will suggest and consolidate classes within the same club or with other nearby club locations. If this is not possible, the class will be cancelled and a refund will be issued to the registrant.


ProsToYou Tennis has a 24-hour cancellation policy for all private / semi-private sessions/ create your own group under any circumstances except for inclement weather. If a private / semi-private/ create your own group is cancelled less than 24 hours, it will count toward your lessons paid. If a private / semi-private is cancelled 24 hours before or more, you can reschedule the session to another day/time that works for both parties. 


If you need to cancel your camp registration, you have until one week prior to the first day of camp to notify ProsToYou Tennis. If you cancel less than one week before camp begins, we will not be able to offer you a refund or credit.

If your summer plans change and you would like to switch your camp weeks, please email to make your request.

ProsToYou Tennis does not allow any makeup, refund or credit for any missed camp day where you decide not to participate for any reason other than in ProsToYou Tennis responsibility or weather cancellation. 

There is no partial refund or credit once your registered camp week starts. 

We do not offer trial classes for any group, private, semi-private, or camp classes. We do, however, have a specific refund policy, which provides a similar option. You can enroll for the session, and if for some reason your child does not take to the class, you have until the 2nd class to withdraw and receive a full prorated refund or credit.

Our policy is structured as young children in a new environment, often take a couple of classes to get used to the sport, the other children, the coach, and the surroundings. For example: If your child’s 2nd class is on Monday, you must notify us up until the start of the 2nd class (not after the 2nd class has begun on Monday), if you no longer want your child to continue. You will then receive a prorated refund or credit, only paying for the two classes your child attended.

The prorated refund will be sent via email and deducted from the credit card the registration was placed under.


Refunds for any type of class can only be given before the 2nd scheduled class. In this case, only the classes that have been held up to that date will be charged. For example: for an 8-week semester class, you have to request a refund before the start of the 2nd week of class.


Refunds for any type of class can only be given before the 2nd scheduled class. In this case, only the classes that have been held up to that date will be charged. For example: for a 5-week package of privates / semi-privates, you have to request a refund before your  2nd private lesson / semi-private lesson.


ProsToYou Tennis will not offer prorated camp days. Please refer to our cancellation camp policy above.

There is no partial refund or credit once your registered camp week starts. 


ProsToYou Tennis cannot control the weather, but we will provide all participants with one make-up class credit for the season. The make-up class credit needs to be used during the season the participant is currently registered for. The make-up class can be used for any reason (weather or personal reasons).

ProsToYou Tennis will use every reasonable effort to provide ample notice of such cancellations using the email address provided upon registration. Notice may be given up to an hour before class time. 

**Please check your email DAILY for any inclement weather updates!** Please add to your recipient lists to ensure you receive communication from our team and notice doesn't get sent to spam

***ProsToYou will also post announcements on our websites homepage on the weather alert bar***

It is at ProsToYou Tennis' discretion whether a class is held or not and may be based on forecasts rather than current conditions. We will cancel a class if the rain/forecast continues two hours before the start of classes.

For example: If class time begins at 3 pm and it is still raining at 1 pm, we will cancel classes and you will be notified. However, if it stops raining at 12 pm and does not continue, we will continue with classes and you will not be notified.

In such a case, your make-up class credit will go towards this rain cancellation class and can be used during the season.

ProsToYou will not hold classes outside if the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit; however, if the temperatures are around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, then it’s up to the coaches’ discretion on whether or not the class will take place. A ProsToYou Tennis coach will email the players at least two hours before the scheduled class.


If you are attending a class as a result to a prior rain out. Notification will be posted on the homepage on the weather alert bar. Notification will not be sent directly to the make up request.


Cancellation of lessons will come directly from the Tennis Professional you are scheduled to work with. Your contact information is provided via your account. Cancellations from Tennis Professionals will occur via email or phone. 

If your semi-private or private lesson is canceled due to weather, the same weather policy for group classes will apply (see above). However, no credits or refunds will be issued for canceled classes and instead, we will schedule the class another time.

If for some reason, we are unable to fulfill all paid lessons, we will offer a lesson credit toward a future schedule set of semi-private or private lessons. This credit cannot be applied to group classes.



**Please check your email DAILY for any inclement weather updates!** Please add to your recipient lists to ensure you receive communication from our team.

For any outdoor camp, your child participates in, If it rains prior to camp hours and the weather is projected to be a complete wash out the camp will be cancelled as we cannot guarantee a safe and fun environment. We will send notification the night prior to the next day of camp to let you know that we are pending a decision.  We will notify all parents via email of the final decision no later than the morning of camp. If the decision is to cancel the camp day, that day of camp will be credited towards a future camp day week or any other future tennis offerings.

If there is rain during the AM portion of the camp there will be a delayed start time to camp the camp hours. Notification will be sent via email with the camp start time for that day.

If it rains during afternoon camp hours we will seek shelter in a covered area until the rain stops and ensure the kids are having fun in a safe and covered area. We will keep your campers' for the duration of the camp day and pick up will occur as normally scheduled. 

Make ups are only permitted due to illness or injury that are documented. 


ProsToYou Tennis does not allow any makeup, refund, or credit for any missed camp day where you decide not to participate for any reason other than ProsToYou Tennis responsibility or weather cancellation. 

Credits offered are valid for one year - i.e. If a credit was issued to you for a Spring 2021 class, you will have until Spring 2022 to use the credit for a registered class. When you use your credit, register as you would for a the class and we will apply the credit refund once we receive your registration. A refund confirmation will then be emailed to you. Unused credits cannot be refunded. 

*Credit = your credit card will not be deducted immediately. The agreed credit amount will be deducted once you register again for a class before your credit becomes invalid.

*Refund = your credit card will be deducted per the agreed amount immediately.

This website represents the official policies of the camp and clinics. As camp/clinic time approaches please read each page of this website as it contains specific information that is a part of how we do camp/clinics. Last minute additions can be found here as well. These pages explain our policies and most everything you'll need to know. 

When you arrive at camp and when you leave from camp come in and sign-in and sign out your camper with the camp Directors. We love to see you before and after the camp day happens. Connections are a big deal for us!

When checking in your child for camp with the Camp Director please let them know immediately the allergy and whether or not an epi-pen is being provided. It is critical that this is marked down on the sheet for the camper. 

Our staff works hard and we cannot ask them to stay later because parents are late picking up their children.
Campers picked up after 4:15pm (12:45pm for AM Camp) will be charged an additional fee of $25 beginning at 4:16pm (12:46pm for AM Camp). If a camper is picked up after 5:15pm (1:45pm for AM camp) the late fee will be $50
Campers with Extended Pick up - 
Campers picked up after 6:15pm also will be charged an additional fee of $25 beginning at 6:16pm. If a camper is picked up after 7:15pm the late fee will be $50 

Safety is our #1 PRIORITY! We want to make sure both players and coaches are in a safe and fun environment while at tennis. We have been training our coaches and counselors over the past few weeks to better prepare them for all situations. We need to make sure everyone is following these procedures and guidelines to ensure a safe and fun camp week.

If a player misbehaves and does not follow both coaches and counselors’ orders, then after three strikes, we will have to remove that player from the program for not only that week, but for any program weeks he/she registered for.

We need to make sure ALL players are in a place where they can be comfortable while also enjoying themselves.

1. Tennis shoes/sneakers (no open toed, backless, or sandals)


2. Protective sun gear such as a hat and spray bottle sunscreen (coaches will not be applying lotion sunscreen onto campers. We will only apply spray sunscreen to the campers who need assistance).


3. Water bottle (everyday!) - Bring a big water bottle labeled and filled with lots of water every day! We will not be able to provide water cups.


4. Tennis racquet(s)


5. We will have disinfect wipes at the club, but feel free to bring some for your child(ren) as well as Purell.


6. Full Day Campers: Packed Lunch (12:30-1:00 pm) We will not provide lunch

7 Bathing suit - Please have your child wear their bathing suit when coming to camp each day. We need to limit the use of the club's locker rooms so we will need all campers to wear their bathing suit.

8. EXTRA change of clothes that include a t-shirts, shorts, socks, underwear ant towel

9. Wet wash cloth that is frozen in a plastic bag with your child's name clearly labeled

10. Snacks: Please include snacks with you as we take a snack break at 10:30am and full day campers get hungry in the afternoon!

11. Please fit all your camper's items in one piece of luggage (i.e. sports bag).

Clearly label your camper's first and last name on EVERYTHING including disposable water bottles.

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