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Our team, led by the most experienced professionals in tennis and pickleball, knows what it takes to deliver quality results for each of our clients. Whether you are looking to maintain, repair, or build your next racquet sports surface, PTY Courts has you covered and guarantees each of our customer’s satisfaction. Tennis court resurfacing of the highest quality.

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Tennis Court Cracks

Tennis court crack filling is an important maintenance procedure for your tennis court or athletic surface. Not only are cracks unsightly, but they give water an easy path to the base of your tennis court. Once the water penetrates into the sub-base, it can continue to rinse out the compacted stone base and wreak havoc. Compound the excess water with the freeze-thaw climate of the DMV, and you can take years off of the useful life of your tennis court. Also, cracks can create an uneven and unsafe playing environment for tennis patrons.

If you are looking for a long-term crack repair solution, contact us and we can perform a free site visit and provide you with recommendations and options. If reconstruction or an asphalt overlay is the best option, we can also assist and put you on the right path to a beautiful new tennis court or sport surface.

We offer multiple crack fillers and sealants and can provide recommendations on which ones are right for your tennis and/or pickleball courts. Depending on the width, depth, and type of cracking, we can explain which ones may be the best for your facility. If your court is not ready to be resurfaced, we can also provide acrylic crack fillers that are colored to blend into your existing surface.


Court Resurfacing

Tennis courts, especially outdoors, should be resurfaced every 5-7 years. Over time, as the ground tends to shift and courts continue to face elements related to the land and weather, court resurfacing is a necessity for safety, appearance, and the overall playing experience.

Hydro Wash

Maintain the surface integrity, make the courts more playable and safe and bring the court color to life. The same way mold & algae eat through the stain on your deck or the paint on your house, allowing it to sit on the acrylic coating of your tennis court will “eat away” at the finish, significantly reducing court life. Cleaning (Pressure Washing) is only a fraction of the resurfacing cost; so proper, annual cleaning and routine maintenance will help extend the life of your court, and ultimately save your club money. Courts should be professionally cleaned once a year.

Color Fading

Outdoor courts facing the elements are bound to fade over time. A faded court isn’t the most ideal experience for tennis players of any level. Our services include re-coating to a color of your choice that gives your courts a quick face-lift and new look in a few days or less.


Cushion Layers

To support an enjoyable and injury-reducing playing experience, cushioning layers are often desired. With different options available, these can be installed during the resurfacing process.


Court Construction

Looking to build tennis or pickleball courts? Contact us to today and let us help you with recommendations, planning, building the perfect court for your business or home.

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